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The Video Guy asks:

Are you in the mood for a little David vs. Goliath story with a lot of heart? I have one for you: THE BANK OF DAVE, available on Netflix. Dave owns a minivan dealership in a hole-in-the-wall town in northern UK. He’s loaned money to a variety of community members for a variety of reasons, such as to help a wife pay funeral expenses for her deceased husband, and decides he’d like to open the first bank in his town so he can continue helping his neighbors with loans, perhaps investments, etc. AHHA! But bankers in London, who essentially have a monopoly on the banking industry, conspire to thwart his efforts because, of course, they want to maintain complete control over the industry. There hasn’t been a new bank in well over 100 years!

Dave wants to submit the necessary paperwork to create his bank, knowing he will likely be refused. He is determined to make the review board state publicly why they’ve turned him down. This requires the expertise and assistance of a lawyer, and one arrives to help him. Though the lawyer’s initial motivation is to shut down Dave’s dream as unrealistic, given the history of the banking industry, the lawyer initially carries on just to placate Dave. I’ll leave it there; don’t want to provide any spoilers.

Banking doesn’t sound particularly interesting to you? Take my word for it, this is a sweet film with some nice surprises. Remember the Irish film “The Commitments” and how good you felt after watching it? This’ll give you a similar feeling.

I’ve never steered you wrong before, right? Nah. In this crazy world, the Video Guy has your back!

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