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The Greatest Night in Pop

Let me implore you to watch "The Greatest Night in Pop" - a wonderful 2024 release on Netflix documenting the song's making, "We Are the World." It is a brilliant documentary, where the viewer has the proverbial front-row seat to an amazing collection of pop stars 'doing their thing.' It's moving as all get-out, evocative, and at times even hilarious; it unveils the egos, and significant lack thereof, in the room; it presents this astonishing group of artists as real people (as they are, despite the media's, and our, tendency to elevate them to unrealistic heights). They're working stiffs in the music industry, and from my slight brush with that industry I could identify with the effort to "get it right" in the studio; with the exhaustion; with the insecurities; and ultimately with the joy and camaraderie. It was a miraculous gathering of a caring group of entertainment superstars of the '80s, brought together by collective compassion for the benefit of starving humans in Africa, and it's a reminder that what the world needs now, as much as it ever has, is love, sweet love! This is one I'd definitely watch again!

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