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The Video Guy just saw "Wonder Woman," at the request of my daughter. I thought my interest in superhero movies had run dry, but her recommendation nudged me to the theater. Glad I went! For anyone looking for a terrific female superhero movie, this one brings the goods: interesting origins backstory, dynamic filmmaking, and a meaningful film-ending message.

Israeli Gal Gadot in the title role was excellent, and I bet we'll see more of her in years to come. She made it easy to read her emotions with skillfully presented facial expressions and she was a serious badass when it came to the battle scenes. My daughter and I both had a very emotional reaction to the scene where Wonder Woman crosses No Man's Land.

Chris Pine was perfect as Steve Trevor...the actor has an aw-shucks approach to the role, as has been true for him in other films (a contemporary Jimmy Stewart?), but he also exhibits the necessary gravitas when appropriate. His comic timing remains one of his strong points, in my opinion, and the humor in the film was refreshing and, well...funny!

I think my daughter got her wish for "a solid lady superhero movie," something for girls to enjoy in the world of testosterone-drenched superhero series. My guess is that all fans of DC Comics will find this film entertaining and well done. My only pause is that I'd love to see more strong female roles in general, with considerably less violence (of course, this is a superhero movie); some well-crafted, rich characters for the many talented women in Hollywood. Only love can save the world, y'all!

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