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Wrapping Up 2016 - For What It's Worth

For the "For What It's Worth" column of your news, here's some of my favorites from the past year:

BOOK - "Mosquitoland" (David Arnold). The Wall Street Journal said "A sparkling, startling, laugh-out-loud debut." Couldn't agree more. One of the freshest 'voices' I've read in a long, long time.

MUSIC - "Fairground Saints". Considered Americana probably, terrific songwriting; some traditional instrumentation, plus some additional strings and horns; kick-ass rhythms; excellent vocals.

MOVIE - "Arrival". Interesting and engaging sci-fi, with something to say to our contemporary world.

CITY - "Asheville, NC"

CAMPING SPOT - "Lookout Mountain, TN"

FACEBOOK DISCOVERY - An old friend, after 3 decades of being out of touch.

TV - "The Newsroom" (smartest writing, perhaps ever).

EVENT - "The Holidays" with all of our children finally here together for the first time since we moved to the hills.

LEAST LIKED THING: "The election!"

Thanks for listening! Here's to the presence of profound love in our lives, to a safe 2017 for us all, and to checking off more items on our bucket lists. Peace, y'all!

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