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Video Guy saw the movie, "Snowden." If Olive Stone accurately portrayed the events, then I am no longer ambivalent about whether or not Snowden should have to "pay" for his actions. If he was a corporate whistleblower, he would have been lauded. Since he was a government whistleblower, he was branded a traitor...the NSA needed to be outted; what it did should have us all trembling in our boots. Snowden's biggest mistake was landing in Russia (though that's apparently not where he wanted to end up.), thus lending an air of menace and wrongdoing to the whole situation. After all, if he sought assistance from the Evil Empire, how could what he had done be viewed here from a point of objectivity?). Across-the-board government spying on its own people - does that not set off all kinds of alarms for the citizenry? Anyway...the movie was well done and very thought-provoking. Recommended. Next up: "Sully."

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