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VIDEO GUY recommends: retirement! It enables one to have spectacular weekends, like I just did. Went over to the D.C. area to hang with my big brother - we're 2 for 2 in PATRIOTS wins when I visit him. Greatest game, coach and QB of all time!

Also got to see the movie "Lion." This one is billed as a "feel good" movie, and it is. But you have to get through a little bit of "harrowing" to get there...and when you do, the story slams into your heart like a locomotive through a brick wall! The movies have made me a blubbering mess this season! I am a major Dev Patel fan...the self-described "gangly British-bred Indian kid" who wow'd us in "Slumdog" and who wow'd us again, big time, as Neal in "The Newsroom!" "Lion" is the true story of a small Indian boy who, quite by accident, gets separated from his older brother and spends the next 25 yrs. as a 'lost boy' - landing in an orphanage and thankfully getting adopted by an Australian couple. He eventually initiates a quest to find his birth family, worried that they never knew what happened to him. This is an Oscar contender for several of the actors. A beautiful story. Worth seeing! It's a wonderfully rich and diverse Oscar season this year - can't wait to see what happens!

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