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Hope Springs

Video Guy: "Hope Springs" report - Anyone who's been in a committed relationship for more than 10 years should find something to relate to in this movie. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones show off their acting chops as a couple in a mega-stale marriage. Some poignant moments; some funny; some uncomfortable to watch. Steve Carell has an understated role as a therapist - maybe a bit too understated. I thought there were moments where his deadpan humor could have been used successfully to counterbalance some of the heart-wrenching moments (though it would have required expert writing, so as not to actually dilute the potency). You may, like me, be a little sad to see our best actors aging ... but they sure are aging without losing any of their amazing skills: the dialog is so real, the delivery so perfect, you will feel their pain, and their hope.

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