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Hidden Figures

VIDEO GUY just saw "Hidden Figures" - it was both revelatory and infuriating! Revelatory in that this incredible story has finally come to light, in which we see the institutionalized racism that not only impacted the daily lives of African-Americans (in education, employment, society at large), but also nearly kept our astronauts on the launchpad. It was infuriating for exactly the same reasons. Here's what I'd like to see: I'd like to see our decades-old schoolbooks rewritten to include all of the fascinating stories involving the contributions to our country by people of color. It would make the study of history SO much more interesting, and SO much more relevant, and SO much truer and more accurate. This story of three key African-American women who were integral to the early successes of NASA and the manned space program, and who were the cream that rose to the top of the barrel in spite of the many blatant prejudices they faced (not racism alone) is so compelling as to almost feel like fiction. But it's not. It's based on actual history, which should make us shudder. How could it have taken so long to tell this these women's stories? And how many other stories like this are still buried in the American Library of Shame? I can only hope that more such historically significant stories are illuminated, and that someday our history books reflect the complete history of our country. Otherwise, how are we different from, or better than, any other society that ignores its collective biography? Go see this movie...we all deserve to know this story, and the subjects of the film deserve to have this story told. Kudos to all of the principal actresses/actors - terrific work!

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