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American Hustle

Video Guy recommends: "American Hustle." Finally saw this film tonight. Loved it! Was a little worried during the first 10-15 minutes - I had bought into the hype, and expected to be wow'd. Patience paid off - WOW indeed! I remember the broadest details of the ABSCAM sting, so it was fun to fill in the blanks, however fictional. The performances alone were worth the price of admission. Amy Adams: devious, vulnerable, self-serving, sexy as all hell. Jennifer Lawrence: boozy, brash, smarter than she appears, gorgeous. I continue to believe that she is the most exciting new artist in the game (although Amy Adams is right at the top of my list, as well). Where'd they get these chops so early in their careers?!? Christian Bale: I defy you to name a more amazing, versatile, immersive actor working today... as my son said, he's at the top of his game in this film. The script is "complicated", and it's a blast watching it all unfold. If this doesn't garner Academy Awards, then the Academy is twisted. "American Hustle," is wonderfully crafted, and I couldn't wait for the next scene!

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