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The Video Guy's History

When I managed the Video To Go store, I used to write a column for the Milton Times called Video Guy. Thought I'd resurrect the concept here. Here's a bit of history on that time in my life, pre-2005.

Imagine this for a job description:

  • Watch movies before they’re released to the public, keep them for your personal collection

  • Work with a stellar, fun, intelligent group of fellow movie-lovers and a leader that was an astute businessman/mentor and welcomed me into his extended family

  • Be the entertainment hub of a community with a fabulous variety of members

  • Stand on the counter during snowstorms, passing out free bags of popcorn as a ‘thank-you’ to patient patrons who are in a line snaking from the front of the video store to the back

  • Write a movie review column for the local newspaper

  • Become well-known in the area and greeted as “The Video Guy."

  • Travel to far places & still have someone recognize you and say, "Hey, aren't you the video store guy from Milton?" My wife would often say, "You're famous!"

This was my world for 19 years. Herein, I rekindle the Video Guy character and review a variety of entertainment offerings. My opinions are just that, and I welcome alternative perspectives.

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