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I need to jump in the shower to hose off the muck!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Just finished 3 stories in the Max Freeman mystery series by Jonathon King, which I got inexpensively for my Kindle from Book Bub--and I highly recommend this author! He has a very visual style of writing...I swear I need to jump in the shower to hose off the muck from the Everglades King uses as his setting. Unlike Hiaasen, who also uses the 'Glades, Florida in general, a lot of humor and outlandish characters to weave his tales, King's approach is more traditional, more. noir-feeling. Freeman, an ex-Philly cop haunted by a specific case in his past, is a P.I. in FL--living in a former hunting shack out in the 'Glades, working with a brilliant lawyer friend and negotiating the emotionally intimate company of a female FL cop...all while dealing with a variety of local characters and local murders. The stories reflect King's apparent extensive research into the 'Glades, and he uses this to paint a perfect backdrop for his tales. I am anxious to read more of this series; very well-crafted, from a damn fine mystery writer!

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